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January CE Meeting (2 CEs Approved)


January 13, 2021 - January 13, 2021
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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The New (and Fun) World of Health and Welfare Benefits:  Maintaining Compliance in an Ever-Changing World
2 CEs approved

Abstract:  As if those of us who work and play in the health and welfare space did not have enough to do, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the entire game.  Now, we face an ever-changing landscape of legal mandates on the one hand and relief on the other.  In this session, we will work together to get a handle on compliance so that we begin 2021 on solid ground.  By the end, we will have to address the following topics and more:

  • The COVID-19 mandates—the short term and long term impact on health plans:
    • The requirement to cover testing and ancillary services without cost share
      • What are the practical issues?
      • What has the short term impact been?
      • What will the long term impact be
    • The extended timeframes during the outbreak period
      • What time frames exactly are required to be extended?
      • If not already ended, when will it end
      • What legal issues can you expect to face when it ends?
      • What steps can sponsors take to mitigate the potential legal fallout?
    • Coverage of COVID Vaccine
      • How does this work in practice (e.g. if the Government is paying for it?)
      • What has the expected impact on health plan administration cost?
  • Covid 19 relief
    • Covid 4.0
      • What FSA relief is in the new stimulus bill passed by congress on December 21?  Full carryover of unused funds; extended grace periods; Health FSA spend down for FSA participants, FSA election change relief  . . . . and more.
      • What are the practical implications of adopting the FSA relief?  For example, if you allow Health FSA participants to carry over unused funds, will it impact HSA eligibility?
      • What steps are required to adopt the relief?
    • Other 2020 relief
      • What other relief did the agencies provide for 2020?
        • Removal of prescription requirement for OTC drugs and medicines
        • Election change relief for 2020
        • Extended grace period ending in 2020
        • Increased carry over for the 2020 plan year and beyond
  • Surprise Billing Requirements
    • What will group health plans have to do?
    • What notices will be required for group health plans?
    • When does this go into effect?
  • Transparency Rules
    • What information exactly must plans collect and disclose to participants upon request?
    • What information will be required to be publicly available?
    • What steps must sponsors take to comply by 2022 and beyond?
  • ICHRAs
    • Are they a viable alternative?
    • What practical hurdles?
    • What compliance traps face the unwary?
  • Litigation Trends
    • What litigation should employers/sponsors/advisors keep a watch on?
      • COBRA notice
      • Anti-Assignment issues
      • Mental health and substance abuse services
      • Impact of the Rutledge preemption case on health plan administration
  • Question and Answer Session on ANY other Topic


      Ashley Gillihan, Esq.

Ashley Gillihan is a partner in the Atlanta office and a member of the firm’s Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation and ERISA Litigation Groups. Ashley focuses his practice exclusively on health and welfare employee benefit compliance and litigation issues for employers, health plan administrators, and other health and welfare benefit plan service providers. He also has extensive experience assisting financial institutions and insurance companies who serve as Health Savings Account trustees or custodians.

Ashley is active in publishing and speaking on various health and welfare benefit plan related topics and serves as a faculty member and/or technical advisor for several health and welfare benefit plan focused organizations. He is recognized by The Best Lawyers in America© in Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law.


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