Sales Congress FAQ

FAQs UAHU Annual Conference

1 – Once you have registered at, you will still need to Log In to the conference through Accelevents. Everyone registered on by Thursday, 5/13 will receive an email from by Monday, 5/17 with your login instructions. The email will come from [email protected]. Please add this email address to your address book now. You will need this email to access the conference, please do not delete it – please save it in your Inbox, you will need it again. Please do your best to register by 5/13.   

When you receive the email, click View Event Details. When you get to the conference page, click Sign up at the top right of your screen. Create your login and password using the same email address.

You should set up your login before 5/19 and begin registering for CE courses before 5/19.  You will be able to join a class onsite if you decide to, but pre-registering will ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Here is a  link that shows you what to do and some troubleshooting tips:

2 – On the morning of Wednesday, May 19, what should I do?         

On the morning of Wednesday, May 19 you will be able to enter the event hub after 6 am Mountain Time.  Here is a video of instructions to set up your profile for networking setting up meetings
with exhibitors or attendees and some other things, you’ll be able to do.  Note – we are only using the Main Stage and the Exhibitor booths. You will not need breakout rooms.

3 – How do I make sure I get my CE Credits? To get your CE credits, you must:

            a. Type your name into the chat box at the beginning of the course session.

            b. Answer ALL of the polling questions asked during the session.

            c.  Type your name into the chat box at the end of the course session.

You must do this for each course hour that you wish to receive credit for.  If you do not answer ALL of the polling questions, you will not receive credit.  If you have technical difficulties submitting your polling answer, please email [email protected] with the session name, polling answer, and reason for your difficulty.  This email must be received within 30 minutes of the end of the session or you will not be given credit for your answer.

The conference cannot be attended on the phone, you must be on a computer viewing the speaker in order to receive credit.

4 – How will I earn a chance to win prizes valued at up to $500?  UAHU will be raffling off prizes for attendees. The top earner will automatically win a $100 Amazon gift card. The top 30 earners (including the top earner) will be entered into a drawing for $50 Amazon gift cards! All attendees earning 100 points or more will be entered into a drawing to win one of four $25 Amazon gift cards!

  1. Visiting a session = 5 points
    - Attendees will gain 5 points by entering a session
    - It is necessary to stay in the session for at least 20 seconds for the points to apply
  2. Activity = 1 point/additional visit
    - Attendees will gain 1 point by entering a session
    - There is no minimum time required to be in a session to gain this point
  3. Downloading = 5 points/download
    - Downloading exhibitor booth's documents
    - Attendees will gain 5 points per download
  4. Chat = 20 points
    - Send a message in the exhibitor's booth chat
    - Send a direct message to one of the booth's staff members

You will be able to check your standing at any time by visiting the event lobby during the conference.

5 – When can I start visiting exhibitor booths?

The show will open at 6am Mountain time on Wednesday, May 19 and will close at 6pm on Thursday, May 20 at 6pm.  Official exhibitor hours will be announced in advance. Representatives will be in their booths to talk and/or chat with you during these hours.  You may visit booths to look at their offerings at any time during conference hours that you are not in a CE class.

6 – How can I make an appointment to talk to exhibitors

You can use the “Please Contact Me” button to request that someone from the company contact you.  They will receive your email address and will contact you via email.

7 – How can I meet up with another attendee?

This article will show you how to meet up with other attendees.

In the People section, you can connect with other attendees and you can talk live with them by pressing the video camera button.  Pressing that button will alert another attendee that you’re requesting a video meeting with them. 
You’ll be video conferencing inside the Accelevents portal, no additional video conferencing tool will be necessary.  Please note, the portal will not remind you about this meeting, you will need to put it on your own calendar to remind you.