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UAHU IMPROVES the health insurance PRODUCER’S ability to meet the insurance needs of Utahns through EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, LEGISLATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.

About UAHU

UAHU is an association of health insurance professionals who specialize in the delivery of individual and group insurance products. Our focus is to educate our members while improving our healthcare system.

UAHU represents three local chapters, clients, the insureds, and works to make health insurance more affordable and accessible for all Utahns.

By educating elected officials, UAHU urges lawmakers to avoid unnecessary legislation and the unintended consequences that often follow increased governmental involvement.

  • Current UAHU President

    I have had a great time this last year serving as your President Elect. It has been a privilege to get to know some of you better through all the events and initiatives we have come together on to better our industry. I have always known this association provided exceptional educational opportunities through monthly lunches and our Sales Congress each May, but over the last few years I have learned just how influential we can truly be when we are all working together towards a common goal. This is the reason for my next year theme, Stand Up and Fight Together. With all the bills and initiatives at a local and federal level now is the time to speak up, to fight against additional taxes, single payer, and other detrimental initiatives impacting our clients, families and friends.

    Our local Day On The Hill, and annual Capital Conference give our association the unique opportunity to sit in front of influential Senators and Representatives at a State and Federal level to educate them around the bills they will soon be voting on. I encourage each and every member to let us help educate you on the issues so you can help us speak up and be that resource our Representatives and Senators need when it comes time. These votes and issues will impact our businesses and careers, our clients that trust us to guide them best, and impact our own family and friends. It’s time to speak up, be innovative, challenge the status quo, and come together as a unified association to continue providing our communities with affordable options for Health Care.

    I am looking forward to serving with a great board this next year and can’t wait to get started. Thank you for allowing me to serve you, I am looking forward to another great year.

    Crystal Cowley

  • UAHU President-Elect

    After becoming proficient at watching others do the heavy lifting at UAHU for many years, I was humbled and perhaps undeservingly elected Vice President in 2017. Attending the NAHU Capital Conference was a real wake up call for me. It provided a clearer understanding of what the national and local volunteers in these two associations do for our industry every single day. My long unanswered questions of where my NAHU membership dues were going and if a membership was even worth having were answered and amazingly demonstrated as I saw our peers at work in Washington, DC.
    UAHU has been fortunate to have had great presidents, directors and board members since its inception in 1985. The association is vibrant and growing under the present leadership of Crystal Cowley and the current board. UAHU’s traditions are strong and the awards this year were well earned. Our common goal this year is to instill in our members the value of a NAHU membership. Not monetarily but rather as a force to create a single, well-educated voice in Utah and Washington, DC relating to the issues confronting our industry. A voice that will be clear to our local and national representatives, as well as respected by our clients.
    Whether your focus is group benefits, individual policies, or Medicare. Whether your title is agent, broker, valued staff member, priceless customer service person, or carrier representative. We are ALL being looked to for guidance, advice and direction. We are ALL protecting someone’s interests. Therefore, we are ALL called Underwriters, and we invite you to join our association.
    I am excited to finally be “all in” with the Association as President-Elect and looking forward to serving you!

    Carl Roestenburg

Chapter Information

The Utah State Chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters commenced on May 15, 1985. The charter members included nine passionate insurance producers lead by UAHU’s first president, Robert M. Johnson. Now, the chapter membership exceeds 300 strong. Local Chapters within Utah include the Northern Chapter, Salt Lake Chapter and Southern Chapter.
UAHU received the 2018 Landmark Award. The Landmark award recognizes a chapter for their outstanding achievements in service to their members, the industry and the public.

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