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UAHU IMPROVES the health insurance PRODUCER’S ability to meet the insurance needs of Utahns through EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, LEGISLATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.

About UAHU

UAHU is an association of health insurance professionals who specialize in the delivery of individual and group insurance products. Our focus is to educate our members while improving our healthcare system.

UAHU represents three local chapters, clients, the insureds, and works to make health insurance more affordable and accessible for all Utahns.

By educating elected officials, UAHU urges lawmakers to avoid unnecessary legislation and the unintended consequences that often follow increased governmental involvement.

  • Current UAHU President

    I’m proud to be a member of UAHU. Our association represents an elite group of professionals who serve the health insurance needs of employers and individuals seeking insurance coverage. The association provides a variety of educational events, including keeping our members informed and in tune with the changing landscape of healthcare. One of these significant events includes our annual Sales Congress which addresses relevant topics along with the chance for attendees to network with industry peers and carrier representatives.

    In addition to providing continuing education to our members, UAHU supports stabilizing the healthcare market and protecting our industry. We accomplish this through our annual Day on the Hill and dinner with state legislators, hired lobbyist, local PAC, and sending members to our national association’s annual Capitol Conference in Washington DC. The visit to DC includes talking with our U.S. senators and representatives about sound healthcare policy.

    While UAHU serves the industry on a state level, the National Association of Health Underwriters provides our members even greater value. I’m grateful to be part of two organization that care so deeply about supporting the producer community and the healthcare consumer’s best interest.

    Craig Paulson

  • 2018 UAHU President-Elect

    It is a privilege to be a part of such a great organization. I appreciate my association with so many who dedicate their time to ensuring our industry’s future. With premiums on the rise and access to care becoming increasingly more difficult, it is wonderful to be a part of the efforts to improve healthcare in Utah and throughout our great nation. I want to thank our state and national board for their dedicated service. Craig has done a tremendous job leading UAHU this year.

    It was my pleasure to be a part of a group of over 800 people from around the country who recently attended Capital Conference in DC. UAHU had fantastic representation! The core messages created by our NAHU leaders and government affairs team, were well received.

    Now is the time to be involved! If you know others in the industry that are not a part of the association, please reach out to them. Share the message of what NAHU does for them and their clients. Encourage them to get involved by joining the association. It is only together , as a louder and larger voice, that we can we make the difference. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

    Trenton Olson
    UAHU President-Elect
    2018 Sales Congress Event

Chapter Information

The Utah State Chapter of the National Association of Health Underwriters commenced on May 15, 1985. The charter members included nine passionate insurance producers lead by UAHU’s first president, Robert M. Johnson. Now, the chapter membership exceeds 300 strong.

Local Chapters within Utah include the Northern Chapter, Salt Lake Chapter and Southern Chapter.


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